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Dave Graham's Blog In part one of this series, we discussed the nature of content within the cloud. After determining the nature of the content being stored, it is important to understand how this unstructured and structured content will be stored. The mechanism for storage has significant impact on a provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the end user and can also promote the concept of tiered storage within the cloud as well. To evaluate this storage mechanism, you need to pull apart the storage path to determine what influences it has on the content being stored.  Technologies such as encryption, de-duplication, compression, object-model storage (a la XAM), and even the underlying file system can have a large part in storage and the subsequent retrieval. COSS Part 2: How is Content being Stored?   Filesystems One of the first paths to evaluate is the role ... (more)

Why Policy Is the Future of Storage, Part 2

In my first post on policy, I tried to show what policy’s influence would be like from a top-level standpoint. We see that policy can start from a localized array standpoint and “fix” performancing or hotspot issues based on key LUN migration technologies (like EMC’s FAST promises to do; Compellent already does this) while allowing business processes to continue “unharmed.” To a certain extent, the LUN migrations of yesteryear were an act of policy, if only to show the level of manual involvement required in order to manage a SAN. What I’d like to look at today is the concept of ... (more)

Why FCoE Is a Good Thing…

This is a tongue in cheek video that I took in one of my labs showing why, for no other reason but fabric reduction, that CEE/DCE/FCoE is a valuable thing for ANY IT infrastructure. A couple of things you’ll notice here are: a.) it’s loud. Sorry about that…this lab is in a thermal chamber and it gets crazy loud. b.) I’m running Qlogic 2562 HBAs (fibre channel) and Qlogic 5802V switching (more switches are coming) c.) My GigE switches are, in a word, terrible (with the distinct difference being the Foundry/Brocade switching which is good). d.) I copt a TERRIBLE NorthEastern accent…I... (more)

Something "Cloudy" This Way Comes!

Storage Sessions at Cloud Expo I love receiving suprise packages.  Way back in January, I got a briefing on a VERY cool server offering from Dell that was going to be part of their DCS (Dell Cloud Services) offering. I, of course, requested one understanding it to be an almost perfect density compute node for my EMC Atmos Virtual Edition testing and design work. Well, what do you think decided to show up on my doorstep today? Say hello to the Dell C6100.  It’s a dual power supply, 4 compute node, 24 x 2.5″ SAS drive, 2U MONSTER of a platform. Yes, Supermicro and Tyan have done thi... (more)

Cisco C200M1 CIMC Update Process

Image via Wikipedia Just a quick note from the field (as it were).  If you’ve been blessed enough to get a Cisco C-series server, there’s a nifty new Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) release available as of today’s writing. Version 1.0(1e) was the shipping release as of January 2010. Version 1.0(2) is the latest point release available as of March 2010. To update your CIMC (this assumes you’re using either TFTP or the Browser upload function): a.) Download the “c200-m1-cimc.1.0.2.zip” file from Cisco’s Support Site (you need to be registered on the Cisco site to do th... (more)